May 18, 2016

Why The Sudden Drop of Your SoundCloud Followers;

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After spending more time and applying different techniques to get SoundCloud followers, it is time now to continue uploading songs that will keep them coming and engaging them. After several interactions, you start seeing a drop in the number of your followers. It is a reasonable thing to get a follower and lose one on this platform. However, exiting of many followers at ones and a decline of these followers can be stressful and alarming. What is the cause? Soundcloud technicians attribute this scenario to two cause;

  • Normal unfollowing; your fans may be getting different content from what is in your profile description. There will be no point of them sticking around if they are not getting what they want and have the option to unfollow.
  • Spam accounts; the trust and safety team at SoundCloud are always detecting and getting rid of spam accounts from their platform. This is especially if you bought those SoundCloud followers from unscrupulous vendors who don’t know what they are doing. Once removed, any activity they did on your profile be it likes, comments or repost will be deleted too and will automatically affect your statistics.

This second scenario is the leading cause of a drop in the numbers at all instances hence be cautious when you choose to buy followers.

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