April 9, 2016

Funny Snapchat Ideas

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Everyone likes jokes. We all need a good laugh with all the stress our everyday struggles bring. No wonder that funny memes are such a big hit on social media. Snapchat is one of the most popular social network apps today where you can post silly poses and photos. It has become one of the coolest way people use nowadays to show moments of their life to others. If you’re already hooked to the app and it has become a habit for you to post things that give your snapchat followers a good laugh, then you’ll be probably running out of fresh ideas. Here’s some of the fun ideas you can do on Snapchat.


1) Draw something. Make your snaps more interesting by drawing some effects, even with little artistic effort. You don’t have to be like Picasso to make your friends smile.


2) Add some lyrics to your snaps. Adding lyrics to your Snapchat photos can make a boring picture more interesting. Just make sure to find a song that fits the mood.


3) Snap a selfie with a funny costume that can grab anyone’s attention. There are tons of DIY costume ideas out there that you can choose from.



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