August 20, 2014

Instagram: The Next Step in Career Success

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For businesses looking to move forward in the world of social media, there is no better resource than Instagram. While Facebook and Twitter deal in telling consumers what you have to offer, this image-based platform is the key to showing potential clients what you have to say in a fast-paced, interesting way.

Getting Set Up

The first step is to create an account. Make sure to complete your profile and make it easy to find, and remember to keep your contact information and other data current. Be prepared to post more than one or two images a month – to reach the right people and start the right connections, you’ll need to be prolific. Follow your friends, coworkers, related companies, or people who post relevant information to get started – you can find great ideas in other people’s feeds, and it is important to let everyone know that you have arrived.

Creating Content

For your account to be successful, you need to post often, and you need to post things that encourage people to follow your account. Share interesting insights or discuss hot topics in your field. Post pictures of your workplace or of your unique services, and showcase happy clients or new products if you are able. Make sure your posts are visually appealing and informative, and include a personal touch where you can by sharing your feelings, opinions, and stories.

Enhancing Visibility

Once you have begun creating content, the next step is to get people to look at it. Using hashtags – key phrases without spaces and starting with‘#’ – can lead people from all over the world to your images. Another great step is to like or comment on posts that are relevant to your content. Starting good conversations and making connections can not only improve your image, but help you to form business relationships that can transition into the off-line world.

Strengthening Your Image

It can be hard for new accounts to start making connections, as profiles without large numbers of followers and images without ‘likes’ can look weak to new viewers. There are many services on the internet that provide Instagram automatic likes and automatic likes  for your Instagram images, or allow you to subscribe to followers.  This little boost in appearance can make a real psychological difference to potential clients, and can speed your Instagram account along the path to success.


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