November 5, 2013

Twitter Lists

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It’s the nature of Twitter to incorporate lists.  Okay, so if you list people and other people will list you.  What if then one of the lists you end up in is unsavoury, what can you do about it?


When you are starting out on Twitter you may wonder what a Twitter list is or how they are relevant to you. Basically it is a list defined by category in turn defined by you.  It’s like having a shopping list.  It is quicker to shop if your list is divided to sub categories such as fresh vegetables frozen vegetables, laundry etc. You go directly to the category in which you want to tweet. Quick and simple.  There are, however,

There are a couple of limitations though that you should know about. Lists are regulated to twenty, but you are allowed to have five hundred people on each. So now get started post a list. Now people can follow you. Twitter will notify other Twitter users if they are on your list.    So, people will wonder who you are and even feel flattered to be on your list and check you out maybe even. When naming your lists be creative and succinct so that if Twitter users are trawling lists you will catch their attention.

So far so good.  Still daunted well your not alone and Twitter give clear instructions you can follow should you need to.

But not everything is as rosy as it seems. First of all ask yourself why, if Twitter has such a friendly face why should something ugly happen to you?  Twitter is a society, like any other and whilst many people seem friendly there are going to be those who don’t like you, maybe even feel vindictive towards you.  Whatever their reasons it is a nuisance and an inconvenience to find yourself in such a situation.


To give you an example you may be included on a list that is for people who are sexist.  What can you do to extradite yourself from said list?  Locate the list and its creator and click on them then block them and after unblock and you are free.  However not only are you free from the list it also means that you and the lists creator will have to go your separate ways. So buy twitter retweet, buy 1000 twitter followers


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