November 5, 2013

Multiplying your Followers

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Promote yourself, the latest trends the hottest interest.  For example if you are a writer run writing contest and endorse it on your tweets and blog.  Write a book or co-write a book it’s easier than you may think what with eBooks and self-publishing get your name on the blurb or in the credits.  If you’re not that ambitious how about writing articles for magazines or a feature column for your local newspaper always remembering to include your twitter account.


When you start out interact with, as many Twitter users as you can refer to as many people as possible this will highlight your Twitter account. What about considering being a, ‘Guest Writer’ on someone else’s blog leave your particulars and you may well find yourself a new set of followers to add to your existing ones.  It may seem obvious but if you have a blog sponsor your twitter account.  Be original stand out from the crowd.


Podcasts? Aren’t Podcasts for radios or mp3 players?  Not necessarily, turn it around and do an audio tweet.  What do you have…a Podcast!


Are you popular?  Do you belong to a social networking site?  If you do it would do no harm to include it in your profile it will attract new followers.

How about face-to-face, we’ll deal with that later but what if you held a seminar over the web?  Construct it so that your Twitter account is prominent and eye catching.  Its you that will do the catching with more followers,buy twitter retweet, buy 1000 instagram followers


If you know your stuff it is time to share it, offer support through Twitter to others in the hope that through help and encouragement not only will they become more competent at using twitter they may just start following you.


Speak up; speak out use the public speaking platform to promote your Twitter account. A captive audience is a good way of getting followers.  Host an event advertise it on Twitter and encourage followers and their followers to come.


What about being interviewed by a local radio station mention your Twitter user name a few times?  People like to put a face to a voice and look you up on Twitter.


So promote yourself anywhere anyhow anyway be your own billboard wear your Twitter address, put stickers on your car, address labels with your Twitter on it if you can think of it then do it! and  buy 1,000 instagram likes.



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